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Transforming My Home

  I’m trying something different today and sitting this morning with my tea at the dining room table. Usually, I drink it in bed. And I usually don’t write but sit and sip my tea and listen to NPR.  I’m … Continue reading

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Simple observations on a rainy day

A rainy Memorial Day morning, and I’ve found a new space in my house, the front porch. I can sit outside, my tea beside me, the window open with NPR playing from the kitchen, the rain a steady soothing patter … Continue reading

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A Bike Community Celebrates and Mourns

I look over the photos I took this weekend, and there’s so much warmth, beauty, joy, friendship, and happiness in them. Athens’ biggest bike weekend, Twilight Criterion weekend, Christmas for cyclists. This year’s weather was the best I can remember, … Continue reading

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A Holy Place, Home

Home again but this time different again. It’s been a year of many differences, many changes. I just completed 2080 miles driving up and down the east coast from Georgia to New York and back, and now I’m returning to … Continue reading

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Easter Week Holy Again

Happy Easter.  🐣🐇 These are my mom’s Easter eggs, many of which she made herself. Clare reminded me to get them out, and so Wednesday, I sat in my mom’s room, opened up the boxes and made this display. It was … Continue reading

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Watching My Mother Die

It’s been over a month now that I have thought my mother might die within the next 24-48 hours. I am lucky. I am 59, not 29. My mother is 91, not 60 nor 41 with life left to live. … Continue reading

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The Southern Tier as Solace – A Year Later

I have spent the last few days editing and deleting my many photos from my Southern Tier cross-country bike ride last spring. As the title of this post suggests, doing so has helped me as I care take my mother … Continue reading

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Just forget about it. 

Tonight Mr. Hay told me to just forget about it. Mr. Hay lives next door to my mom, and he and Mrs. Hay, Ester and George, were my first bosses. It was this time of year but forty-five years ago. … Continue reading

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A 4th of July in Baldwin, NY

I didn’t expect so much from the Fourth of July. I have been with my mom in NY for the last month. Age is finally taking its toll on my mom and she has been weak and in decline over … Continue reading

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Homage to the South Shore and my mother

I am visiting my mother in Baldwin on the South Shore of Long Island. She still lives in the house we grew up in on Silver Lake Place. We are a short walk to the canals that were carved into … Continue reading

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