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Carol Myers  @

Athens, Georgia, USA

CrazyGuyonaBike Blog:

Instagram: Ridingintothefuture

For bike travelers, my husband and I are Warmshowers hosts. Warmshowers is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.

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4 Responses to Contact Info

  1. Mary Rugg says:

    Hey there Carol!
    I am enjoying your blog and amazed at your experiences! Carry on and keep your insights coming! You rock! Mary Rugg

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  2. Chris DeG says:

    Hi Carol,

    It’s fun reading your blog to see what you have been doing since you left our house in Rochester. The cabin in Sodus Pt looks like a terrific place for a rest day. I’m glad you were able to stay there away from the rain yesterday.

    Best wishes for the rest of your journey,


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    • cmyers2190 says:

      THanks, Chris. I did hit the jackpot with that cabin. Now I need to just dig in and get through the last couple of hundred miles. I’m not sure what I will do with myself afterwards but have certainly gotten my work out of my head. Thanks again for the hospitality and tasty dinner. Carol


  3. Augi says:

    Awesome ride and I am just catching up to all your updates… Is it possible on the months that you post the oldest on the top, and as the reader moves along your story that we scroll down as opposed to starting from the very bottom, work up? Maybe it is operator error on my side.. Keep the rubber side down, be safe, and enjoy the ride.


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