Packing List

Carol’s Packing List – Norther Tier 2015

Bike/Bike Gear

Salsa Vaya 2, 2014 – Crankset: 30/42/52t and Cassette: 11-28T Getting these changed out. 700X40 tires

Ortlieb – Back roller classis, yellow

Ortlieb– Back roller classic, Yellow

Ortlieb, Handlebar Classic, Grey

Ortlieb saddle bag – Medium, grey

Tubus, Front

Tubus Back

Bontrager Mini Charger Frame Pump – recommended by Brian at HUB

Front light – Planet Bike

Back lights – Planet Bike

Seat cover – made by local company


Tent – Sierra Design, 2 person-

3 small REI stuff sacks (will probably get more)

Sleeping bag – Marmot Never Winter

Sleeping pad

Pillow -what kind?

Stove MSR

MSR pot


hot pad of some kind

Starbucks coffee packets


Plate/container for eating, spork


Bottle opener/cork screw

Hard plastic


Headlight for wearing

Bike Accessories/Tools

ACA Mpas Northern Tier/Lakes Look

Mapcase for handlebars – Ortlieb (tried ACA but don’t like)

Mirror – Ultralight Bike Mirror by D+D Oberlauda

Pepper spray

Bear spray

Dog/emergency whistle

Plastic zip ties ??? and velcro sip ties???

State maps

Garmin Edge Navigator Plus

Heart Rate Monitor

?$Premium Bike Bungee Cargo Net – X-thick Cord – 6 Hooks 


Road ID

Water bottles – 3

Bike lock – Ortlieb back and front panier locks and something else.



tire levers

Spare spokes – 2

spoke wrench

CO2 inflater – extra cartridges – 3

?Spare clear screws

3 spare tubes

Patch kit

super glue for tire repair

brake cable – 1 extra

derailleur cable – 1 extra

Chain tool and spare link

Chain lub – rags

Bike Clothing

Bike Shorts – 3

Bike Tights – 1

Bike Shirts – 3

Bike LONG Sleeve white – 1

Base layer – wool X country skiing shirt

Bike Jacket, Removable Sleeves – 1

Specialized shoes

?Keen shoes


Arm warmers

Knee Warmers

Toe covers

Booties – Rain proof

Rain Jacket

Rain Pants

Socks – 2 or 3 lighter/1 heavy

Bike gloves, fingerless

Bike gloves, warm (for mountains?)

Tifosi Sunglasses


Off Bike Clothing

Long pants (conversion pants ?)


shorts 1

tshirts 2

Long sleeve travel button down shirt 1

fleece jacket – 1

Underwear -3

Sports bra -2


?Lightweight shoes?

Flip flops

Baseball cap/microfleece hat

swim suit


Toileteries/FIrst Aid/Eye Gear

Contacts and solution

Glasses, Regular

Glasses, Computer

Reading glasses for use with contacts

Eye mask

Small first aid kit

Sewing kit small

Camping towel



tooth brush

toothe paste/floss

Camp suds

Hand sanitizer

TP/wet wipes

Skin cream/Facecream


Bug spray

Nail clippers

Hair brush??

Hair elastics


Prescription Meds

Chamois butter

Ibupropen, benedryl, allergy OTC, Inhalers




electrolyte tablets

tea bags/coffee packets



dehydrated back-up meal

dried fruit



Camera/charger/baterry/memory card


$*Need IPHONE protective cover

Ipad Mini & Charger

Ipod Nano & charger cord– For podcasts/music

Ipod Shuffle and cord

$Ipad mini cover/keyboard

Power strip with 3 outlets


AA Batteries??????

Solar Charger/Iphone extended battery

Most Recommended by Others on CrazyGuyonaBike site:

Steripods for toothbrushes

Super cheap light flip flops

rok straps (not bungies) for rear rack

hoo ha ride glide – female bike lub

good quality non-stick GSI cook kit and fry pan

tiny bottle T9 chain lube


eye mask


woolen cap & warm gloves

metal spoon, non-foldable & foldable cup

Portable iphone charger == Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation

Click Stand or Greenfield kickstand (don’t think 2nd works with disc brakes)

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