Traumatized but Alive 

Yesterday I had a beautiful day riding. I again was blessed, I can think of no other word, by the people I met, the mesas and river beds I ran through. I was about to leave an oasis of an Apache rest stop on the ride between Globe and safford. I met Cedric  and an Apache man Bernard. The world was so beautiful. 

Cedric and I parted when I stopped at the dollar general about 12 miles before Safford. To call my mother, to buy some cold drinks and cool corn. The heat continues to be hot. 

Six miles later a wolf looking wild dog attacked chasing as I weaved around the center line at who knows what speed. If I hadn’t have been on a busy road, I am certain I would have been mauled. Angels were watching over me. 

Never have I experienced fear, adrenaline and afterward emotional shock as I did yesterday.  

Don’t tell my mother any of this.  

I wasn’t mauled by a rabid wild animal. I wasn’t struck by the traffic that saved me. The same thing had happened to Cedric 30 minutes before. 

Love you all. 

So many people responded kindly and helped men through this. Brandon below drove me the remainder of the route to my campsite. Special thanks to this Kind young man. 


Tomorrow I will carry my pepper spray around my neck on that orange shoelace.  

Ps. I’m almost certain it was Mexican wolf, a lobo. From its erratic behavior I’d wager it was rabid.

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12 Responses to Traumatized but Alive 

  1. Katie says:

    You might try the Dazer from Amazon which is a high frequency sound device which stops dogs in their tracks. Mailman use them to deter attackers.


  2. Francis Todd Baker says:

    Good god, Carol. So glad you escaped harm but it must have been terrifying.


  3. nheiges says:

    Oh, that must have been absolutely terrifying! I felt a shock just reading it. I’m glad you’re okay.

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  4. Nancy Glimm says:

    Carol so glad you are okay. Sounds very scary. I know you will find a solution. My experience in PA is to carry pepper spray. We have unexpected encounters. Pepper spray will shock but not harm an animal. You will feel safe and much more confident. Always ride in pairs if possible? Everyone should carry pepper spray. Convenience stores sell it in PA for bear, coyotes and stray abandoned dogs.
    Take care of yourself! Sounds like a coyote to me, usually they are out only at night in packs so it could have been rabid. You were very lucky. Everyone should have have some spray readily available to them.
    Have a good safe day today!
    Much love, Nancy


  5. John Dewey says:

    Wow!! Thank goodness, Carol, no damage other than emotional.

    OK, I’ll freely admit this feeling — that I’ve had for years — now: if ALL dogs, every single one, disappeared from God’s green earth tomorrow, I’d be a very happy camper. No apologies for that either, ha! Have no use for those beasts. Not a one. There, I’ve said it!!!

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  6. turtleman2 says:

    Yikes. That’s terrifying. Big dog, wolf or coyote, it would be seriously bad news to get bitten or torn up. I’ve been saved from an attacking animal more than once by an oncoming car. I’m glad you were, too.

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  7. Carmen Kuan says:

    Carol! I am so glad that you were able to escape without any physical injuries! Good thing wolves are few and far between here in Athens. Looking forward to your return.

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