Back in AZ

Memories flooded back as Fuat and I cycled over the Colorado back into Arizona. The desert scent brought me back to moving to Arizona post undergraduate degree to a year at Arcosanti  and then to graduate school in Tucson.  The creosote bushes, palo verde trees, ocotillos and saguaros. I had forgotten I even knew those words.

Talked to Richard back home in GA for an hour tonight, more than we have spoken since I flew to San Diego last Thursday. Told him about all the incredible meals I’ve eaten this first week on the Southern Tier. It is only a week but I see already the specialness of riding cross country with a group  — a different kind of specialness than the one of riding solo. He was a little incredulous that our group had coalesced so strongly in such a short time but we have. A week in the road together equals the closeness of a year of riding with road bike group.

Here are a few photos from my phone. Most of my photos are on my Canon Powershot Elf that I take  photos from while riding. Btw, these uploaded in reverse chronological order.

[Bob Ambrose, there IS another epic poem in this trip. I didn’t know. ]

Two men Fuat and I shared a picnic table with at the I-10 rest stop. Both are Iraqui immigrants, Al who lives in Kansas City and his relative who just was resettled here though what was our refugee immigrant program. His name is in my notebook back at my tent.

A new state. Back in AZ after many, many years away. Got my masters at the home of the Wildcats in Tucson.

Crossing the Colorado from CA to AZ.

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8 Responses to Back in AZ

  1. Daisy Mathis says:

    As you’re riding, do your folks tend to stay in a group, ride more individually, or naturally divide into smaller sub-groups?

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  2. Nancy Glimm says:

    Carol, deep thanks for the trip shares. It sounds like an amazing experience. As always I am so happy for you. With love, Cousin Nancy

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  3. nheiges says:

    Love reading about this journey!

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  4. John Dewey says:

    Good to hear from you, Carol! Oh, the lure of the open road. I don’t think it ever ends. AZ must be beautiful this time of year, better now that in JULY for sure, ha! Safe journeys to all.

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  5. Bob Ambrose says:

    I wish I were along to experience your new epic first hand. It has to be another virtual tour. A first take below. Will work through more drafts off-line, with more material as you have time to share.

    Crossing Over, Again

    To some, it’s the scent of a cookie.
    For me, the air of desert
    as I cross the Colorado
    and cycle through the Sonoran.

    For me, the spiny ocotillo
    crimson-tipped from spring rains,
    or the resin-odor of creosote
    that seeps into desert evenings.

    Give me a grove of palo verde
    that guards a dry wash
    and dots the distant foothills.
    Give me the towering saguaro.

    Let me share a table with immigrants
    and ride through distant memories
    with a close group of new friends
    crossing the country together.

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