Intense but Incredible – Palo Verde CA

No time to write these days but after 4 days together, we are already feeling such a strong bond. The power of working together on a shared goal. Already I could write dozens of blog pages.

More words and photos later when I have more time.

[As always, when on the road, I’m in even more need of forgiveness for typos, auto spell errors, and uneven style and story recounting .]

Our first day riding dipping our wheels into the Pacific in San Diego. 4 days later and we are sleeping out last night in CAL. Tomorrow we cross the Colorado and enter Arizona.

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2 Responses to Intense but Incredible – Palo Verde CA

  1. Jeff GREEN says:

    Is this a not so subtle way of nudging me to follow you in your blog? I feel like you’re following in my footsteps–that’s my homeland! Where were used to get drunk and running around doing crazy things as teenagers in high school. I was there with my high school friends in January! At almost the very same tidal spot‼ Isn’t it just divine? I miss the ocean so much! But if you look at my Facebook posts–that you know already! I’ll be back out there on the 21st of next month. What are you going to be doing for the 100 💯 percent solar eclipse that will be happening around the Midwest through the Northwest? August 22 as well I hear I want to drive someplace like in Montana and see you interested? I Et monte, monte, avec détermination et force d’une femme qui est la vraie fille du vent qu’ils appellent Moriah! Bisses


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