Riding solo on a sunny, cold December Saturday.

Riding along a winter day, an almost 30-mile loop into town and then east to Winterville and back home off College Station. What I like is that riding alone, you can feel strong, even when you probably wouldn’t feel the same riding with others, especially if your others are like my others.

Back in late October, I got a nightly fever that didn’t go away for over three weeks. The cause was an overactive thyroid, which caused some other symptoms that limited my activity level. In the end, I should be back with a normal-acting thyroid and much wiser about how a thyroid controls lots of operating systems in the body.

Now, though, I have to work a little extra hard on getting my body ready for my debut Adventure Cycling leader experience at the start of March, another cross-country ride.  So, at the start of this month, I got the bike out again and tested my body out. After some shorter rides and days at the gym, I worked up to my ride today.

How do I gauge strength — riding up long hills and not thinking about them at all. My eyes look around, my mind follows some thread, and then I notice that I’ve gotten to the end of the hill. There’s no thinking about my legs and my breath and how I don’t have enough strength in either area. My strength today was not gauged by my average speed or how I was keeping up with others. I left my bike computer at home and rode solo on this perfect winter riding day. There were no comparisons. How much easier that makes life on the bike…and off.

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8 Responses to Riding solo on a sunny, cold December Saturday.

  1. Glad to know you are on your bike and that the enthusiasm is still there. I truly believe if I tried riding solo occasionally I would find it to be a uniquely satisfying experience as you obviously have.


  2. revdarkwater says:

    Hooray! And the Rear Admiral says, “Yes! Like when we ride up ‘Big Hill,’ [our name for the steeper half of that climb on Bob Goddard Road] and I’m not counting our cadence!”

    It was a pretty day, if chill. We were chickens and just rode to Mama Sid’s for lunch. Good on you for your milestones!

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  3. Bill McLain says:

    Happy to hear you are better and back on your bike. A beautiful day for a solo ride.

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  4. turtleman2 says:

    Way to go, Carol. I did a solo ride today, too, but never felt very strong. I’ll blame the cold, but it’s mostly because my riding miles have really fallen off since the end of Daylight Savings Time.

    My taekwondo teacher, Jason Hughes, always admonished us to compare ourselves to ourselves, never to others. Of course, I find that very difficult, whether the other is throwing a head-rattling kick (I can’t kick higher than waist-level) or pulling away on a steep climb.


  5. Rosemary Bowen says:


    Rosemary Myers Bowen Sent from my iPhone



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